Information for Parents

Information for parents

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions and even some concerns about paediatric case management. Here, we aim to put your mind at rest by providing you with a wealth of useful information.

INA (Immediate needs Assessment)

We appreciate you may find the INA a little intrusive, since we will go through some complex questions about your child’s illness, accident and condition and its impact on your family life. However, we promise that the assessment will be carried out speedily and sensitively.

Building trusting relationships

You probably want to know more about how you can work together with us in your child’s care, and want to be reassured that your case manager will listen to you and advocate on your child’s behalf. We can promise you that our staff will always respect your family environment and will work from the outset to forge a positive relationship not only with you but also your child and their other close family members so that trust can build over time. We know that the journey that you and your child are on can be a difficult and challenging one, but we’ll work honestly and openly, keeping you continually informed so that you can progress at your own pace.

Involving you in your child’s care package

We’ll involve you in the care package that we plan and put together, setting clear rehabilitation goals and writing a care plan which will be monitored and reviewed over time to suit your child’s changing needs. You can also, if you choose, be involved in the process of interviewing staff to support your child in their rehabilitation needs. We understand that you are always going to be your child’s primary carer and would never try to replace that role. That’s why we will work around your child’s preferences and routines wherever possible. We carefully monitor and supervise care staff and case managers to ensure positive working relationships with your family.

Does care stop when my child reaches adulthood?

You needn’t worry - your child’s care and rehabilitation package certainly won’t stop at the moment they turn 18! The relationship that you’ve built up with your case manager over the years won’t suddenly be thrown away as they will support you and your child through their transition into adulthood. We understand the importance of consistency when it comes to integration and independence, so we’ll work closely with your child and you as your child transitions to adult services to ensure the smoothest possible move as new professionals are introduced into their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

A paediatric case manager plans, coordinates, rehabilitates, supports and cares for your child after they have suffered from a severe or complex injury.

Your case manager will visit you at home and will discuss in great detail your child’s needs as well as those of your wider family. They will take into account all your concerns and worries and will detail them in a full report which will then be used as a basis for a rehabilitation and support package.

An INA is an Immediate Needs Assessment. This is a comprehensive report which is compiled by your child’s case manager in conjunction with you and your wider family. It includes costings and recommendations for your child’s ongoing support, rehabilitation and care.

Your child’s case manager will liaise with appointed deputies and solicitors that are involved in COP (Court of Protection) and litigation processes.

Part of your case manager’s remit is to help you to research and source all the necessary equipment, vehicles and accommodation your child needs to enjoy the best quality of life by working closely with qualified suitable therapists.

Our team are experts in supporting children who have suffered from a wide variety of injuries and accidents, including those who have had brain injuries, amputations, cerebral palsy, orthopaedic injuries and spinal injuries.

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