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Alder Associates specialise in Paediatric Case Management. We help to rebuild the lives of people and families who have been affected as a result of a life changing injury to a child or loved one.

With over 40 years’ combined case management and clinical expertise, you can be confident our dedicated team has the required experience to lead and navigate you through this period of uncertainty.

We understand that no two cases are ever the same, which is why our services are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of each client.

Information for Parents

Whether it’s conducting an Immediate Needs Assessment (INA), helping you access financial support or supporting you with ongoing therapy & rehabilitation, we are committed to helping you overcome the challenges that lay ahead to pave the way for a brighter future.


Laura has proven herself to be an invaluable appointment as Case Manager. She is proactive, resourceful, and quick at delivering.

My client family really value Laura’s role. Her professionalism is very strong, and she has provided a huge amount of input into several key areas for the family, making their lives easier and supporting them. More than that though has been just how personable Laura is – she has quickly immersed herself into the family, establishing a strong rapport with the client and wider family, making the whole process much easier.

Andrew King

Lennons Solicitors

I have found Jo and Becky to be proactive case managers, who communicate and respond in a timely and clear manner. They are very professional in their conduct, both with external providers (such as myself) and with clients alike. They are empathetic towards the needs of their clients, for whom they work hard to achieve the best outcomes. They are efficient in following up any outstanding matters and they ensure that the members of the team involved with the child are informed and updated.

Julie Taylor

Occupational Therapist

My working relationship with Jo and Becky has been exceptional. In a challenging scenario their professionalism and dedication truly stood out. I am impressed with several aspects of their approach including effective team collaboration, comprehensive understanding of litigation as well as regular and informative case management updates. I extend my gratitude for their unwavering commitment and exceptional performance throughout a complex case. Their competence, dedication, and ability to get things done have made a significant impact on the success of our collaborative efforts. Thank you, Jo and Becky, for your contribution.”

Jane Weakley

Partner, Fieldfisher

Kim is an excellent case manager. I have been lucky to work with Kim for several years, on a few paediatric cases. Kim is very approachable and she goes above and beyond for her clients, ensuring all aspects of their care are being met to the highest standard. Her background as a paediatric nurse adds an additional string to her bow, and she is able to bring this knowledge and experience into her case management work. Kim finds exactly the right balance – she is always professional and thorough in her approach, whilst also putting clients at ease with her friendliness and humour. I would highly recommend Kim as a case manager.

Dr. Liz Ireland

Chartered Clinical Psychologist (specialising in paediatric neuropsychology)

I have worked with Kim for over 3 years and have always found her to provide support that places the child at the centre, with their best interests as a priority. Kim is open and honest and fosters strong professional relationships with the team. She is great at ensuring actions are followed up and goals are achieved. She is friendly and approachable and takes time to listen to the family and the team. Kim’s background and experience as a children’s nurse means she has good medical knowledge and is able to give clear and confident support to children with complex needs. I would recommend Kim and her team as a case management service and am always happy to work with her.

Janine Pommer

Physiotherapy Ltd.

Having Kim as our case manager is one of my best decisions of all time. I found her supportive and quick to resolve issues…..the amount of support through to buying a house and adapting the house and building a care team to fit my daughter’s requirements was unparalleled…knowing Kim is there to support me when needed in any circumstance is a godsend…I cannot emphasise enough the impact our case manager has had our lives for the better…..without her I have no doubt in my mind we wouldn’t be in the position we find ourselves now at this time in mine and my daughter’s life which is all positive…..thanks Kim for everything…..

Client’s parent

Kim has been providing case management for one of our young people for over 3 years. In that time she has been instrumental to the transition of this young person from a residential home to now living at home. I have been highly impressed by the attention to detail and effort made to support and understand the family’s needs. She has brought together a team of highly skilled workers who like Kim are dedicated to enhancing the life of our young person. Her approach is very much child-focused. Communication has also been a great strength to the work where relevant information is shared amongst the team in a timely manner. I would recommend this service to others.

Consultant Social Worker

I have been working with Kim Roumania for a number of years now; I use her services time and again because of her unique combination of sensitivity and understanding of my clients’ needs and fantastic knowledge base. Kim’s paediatric nursing background serves her very well indeed in understanding and addressing parents’ concerns around getting the right care and the right therapists looking after their children. I can rely on her to deliver empathetic and effective case management at all times. She is a first class case manager.

Caron Heyes

Litigation Solicitor

I have used been using Alder Associates since their inception on a very difficult case for a child with severe cerebral palsy. The case has included issues that I have never had to deal with before and I suspect was also a first for Kim. Thankfully now we have come through the other side and the family are settled in their daily life. They relied heavily on Case Management input to help them through to where we are now. Throughout Kim has been extremely professional and compassionate towards the family in what has been a very traumatic time for them. I would not hesitate to use Alder Associates again.

Mark Stubberfield


Kim has been such an amazing support not just for my daughter who has an ABI, but the whole family. Kim is professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with, she’s an exceptional case manager. Kim’s relationship with and understanding of my daughters needs has always been outstanding. She has provided much needed help, support and advice not only for my daughter but myself and two sons also for which we are hugely grateful and can honestly say we don’t know what we would have done without her.

Client’s parent

She is the best, she brings cake and we drink tea 😉


It is always nerve wracking trying out a new case manager; so when Kim introduced me to Jo Leigh I was predictably slightly nervous. However her outstanding background and expertise in paediatric nursing, and hugely approachable manner reassured me and we started working together on a case. I have never regretted engaging her for one moment. Her service is consistently of a high standard, effective and delivering exactly what the family need. I don’t hesitate in recommending her to my colleagues.

Caron Heyes

Litigation Solicitor

I have worked with Kim Roumania for several years on a complex child brain injury matter. Kim is a consummate professional, highly organised and a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and remains calm when difficult situations present themselves.

Robin Tubbs

Litigation Solicitor

Kim is a fantastic Case Manager – personable, empathetic, caring, responsive and most importantly, effective. She looks after her clients so well, helping to improve their lives by ensuring they have access to the care and therapies they need. At the same time she clearly understands the importance of the relationship between the underlying litigation and case management and she works with the litigation team to ensure everything runs smoothly and always in the interests of our shared clients.

Jonathan Zimmern

Litigation Solicitor

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